You Encourage Me

You Encouraged ME

Last Sunday was one of the most encouraging Sundays I have experienced in a long time. Not, that we have not had great Sundays, but for me the response to the message was deeply heartening. As I went through all the areas that we need volunteers to plug in and serve, I had hoped to see some response. However, you all responded wonderfully. There were so many responses that area coordinators and leaders were excited at the end of the day.

Courtney had enough responses for the Children’s Ministry to cover the Connect Kids. That was wonderful. David and Teresa had multiple people volunteer to serve with them on the Greeting and 1st Impressions Team. I had two ladies say they would cover the procurement area; that is a relief for me. They both are good shoppers. We have a finance team in place. We have a public accountant now, Macauley in Bellville, as requested by our apostolic team. Serve the Valley is coming along. There are over 80 people from the churches ready to serve. Michaela had a number of people come up and are ready to serve the kids of the community in our Summer Sack Lunch program. Prayer notices and needs can be called in to Cathy or text her or iMessage her. Also, you can put the prayer request on the Connection App. Kay Clark was the first to use it! Way to go Kay.

There are still a couple of areas that need addressed, but the overwhelming response blessed me beyond my hope. Just so you know, I am still looking for decor help, maybe 2 or 3 could team up. Judy and Will had some ideas for the stage. Also, I would like for someone to take the coordinating the summer picnic scheduled for July 28th, just before the kids go to camp. All in all I am so pleased with everyone pitching in. This really feels like the Body of Christ working together!

The Connection APP is available in the Android and Apple stores. Go to your store and type “The Connection” into the search. Many apps will show up since the word “connection” is used by a lot of different churches and businesses. Scroll down through the list looking for our logo.
When you find our logo, download it. So far, the logo has been found quite a ways down the list since we are new to the stores. It is there. We have found it in both stores. The app is new and I am still learning how to work with it. It will get better as we go. Thanks for your patience.

The sign our front will be installed in its new location when Joseph gets back from his mission trip. It is very temporary, just leaning for the time being, but at least, it identifies us a bit. Someone at the Whiffletree Sunday mentioned the name change to me. She liked it. It will take a while for people to see and know our new vision and fresh approach to ministry.

P. Bill

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