Where Are We in History?

It is hard to see where you are in history or even how this generation will be judged. In Lincoln’s time he was vilified, hated, and treated poorly. Yet, with time, he is now considered one of the best presidents of the United States. He is credited with keeping the union together and upholding the Constitution. Hitler, on the other hand, was wildly popular in Germany and across Europe and even in the USA till he began to take nations and aggressively seek to conquer the world.

History has the advantage of looking back and seeing the results of actions and policies. Jesus was admired by thousands and hated equally. The masses were fickle in their affection; loving the healings and the food and hating the call to commitment and sacrifice. Healings and food were surface issues. The real was much deeper than that. History has judged Jesus to be the most effective person to ever walk the earth. He has received praise from all quarters as a great teacher or prophet. He has been seen as the one who has moved armies to fight, people to change, churches to be built, and governments to rule. He is looked at as a man of sorrow, a man of faith, and yet, he is far more than those things.

How is history going to judge us? Where are we in the time table of eternity? Are we living Matthew 24 where the signs of the end of this age are upon us? Or are we just experiencing another contraction of a birth yet to come? Are we going to see life go on into the 31st century, the 51st century, or are we coming to a conclusion?

One thing for sure, we are experiencing serious changes in how people respond to Jesus. In the face of a growing amoral society, discipleship will be a highly necessary part of our duty to the Lord. No longer can we assume everyone knows what is right or wrong. The world is preaching a message that breaks down moral conduct. There are those who are growing up without the restraint of moral teaching, manners, and social graces. The faithful have their hands full since the modern church has taken a position to accept the world’s definitions and make the church experience as non-convicting as possible.

How will we be judged I wonder? Our place in history will be judged. Jesus made it known that Capernaum would be judged more severely than Sodom and Gomorrah. He also indicated that the generation that rejected him while he walked the earth would be judged for all the prophets, martyrdoms, and persecutions. Some places in history are pivotal, paradigm shifting, and philosophically radical. For instance, the American Revolution and the French Revolution changed the way people think to this very day.

Are we being faithful to Jesus, have we considered where we are, have we seriously held our ways up to the pattern of Jesus? These are difficult to see while you are living it, but history will judge what is done in this time for sure.

– Pastor Bill

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