We are on our Way to a New Day

We are on our Way to a New Day


Sunday we started the Leadership Council. The council is made up of 8 members from the congregation plus the elders. The council members are John and Courtney Lewis, Joseph Troyer, Helen Vernon, Lou Kaleel, Deb Marietta, Roy Levingston, and Tim Beougher. They will serve a one year term with the possibility of renewal. The council gives us a good cross section of the church.

The purpose of the council is to give voice and ideas from the various ages and understandings. We need to hear from younger thinkers, women’s ideas, and the voices of those who have particular passions. The purpose will be to drive the vision, adjust the vision, and take care of the business of the church. Out of the council we are hoping to inspire projects, build teams, put the church in a positive frame of mind and action.

This is a step to building next generation leadership while still engaging those who have been serving for years. As I was preaching Sunday, we all need refreshed and refurbished to handle new wine. The gospel does not change, but the cultures around the gospel change dramatically in seasons. The gospel is still good news to all people, all nations, for all time. The gospel speaks to the heart of man whether you were a Puritan from England looking for a new land of freedom to worship or a 60’s hippie who was checking out of society and looking for something to live for. Jesus impacted the Puritan and reached the hippie.

New wine is fresh and volatile, but it is still wine. It expands and works as it moves to smooth maturity. Life is like that. Babies make messes, we clean them up. Children break things and are untrained, we fix and train. Teens strive for independence and make bigger messes, we encourage them and speak of their potential. Then there is the striving of adulthood with career, family, getting started, buying a house etc. We advise and love and speak of our journey. All the while there is growth taking place. We do not reject the young, we love them. I like to share in their enthusiasm, their humor, their striving to be adult like.

Our goal in raising our kids was to come to a place where we were adult friends and family. I think we have accomplished that. We love being together with family and grandkids and great grandkids. This same thing should work in church. We should not be jealous because a young person has a gift that is better than ours or can do something better. We need to encourage them and give them opportunity to shine.

Too often the older generation is a roadblock for the young people in their growth and calling instead of being an on-ramp to the fast lane of ministry for them. As I said Sunday, there are way too many hoops that are created for the young to jump through for us to trust them or give them some responsibility. Could they fail? Sure, so could you. But, what if they succeed? Now there is something to consider and look forward to.

– Pastor Bill

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