Transitions are not easy, but they are necessary. Life has a number of them. We transition from being an infant to a toddler. Bumps and bruises happen as we learn to walk and navigate. While we are struggling getting from one point to another, mom and dad are cheering us on. We transition from early childhood to school age. Now we are thrown in with all kinds of other kids. We are not the only ones in a small circle of care. We have to adjust and adapt to various personalities and schedules and study. Another significant transition is from childhood to puberty. All kinds of physical and hormonal changes are taking place. Some body parts are too big or too small, feet growing, limbs growing, turning us into gangly, uncoordinated messes at times. Hormonal changes are bringing acne, facial hair, moods, and strife with parents. Trying to grow up faster than the brain will allow. Another huge transition is the one from middle school to high school. Most freshman enter as still kids and are thrown in with guys with beards, fully developed muscles, many at their final height and you feel like a dwarf in an adult world, but it isn’t. The one from high school to college or the military will be just as huge as that first day in high school as a freshman.

Oh, then there is the transition from single to married. Lookout! The change from being married to having a kid in the mix is tantamount to a major earthquake. Down the road, there is the parenting job of raising teenagers, most difficult. But after the high energy of teens in the house, you tend to collapse into the empty nest which is a major shock to mothers. Then comes the transition to becoming a grandparent. For most, this is a welcome phase. However, for some, it is hard because they are not ready for the word, “grandma, or grandpa.” 

Age transitions continue. These come at various ages later in life. Some can continue to function lively into the 80’s and 90’s; while others are physically old in their late 50’s or early 60’s. But the transitions are there and what you able to do changes. This transition affects the children since the middle aged children now become concerned and caring for the older parent.

Transitions. Hard, necessary, unavoidable. 

There are transitions in the faith as well. They tend to parallel the pattern of life too. In our spiritual infancy, things are easy, exciting. As we grow, we learn, we struggle, and persevere. As we age in the faith it is too easy to fall into a dull routine. The relationship with Jesus can stagnate or it can prosper. It takes attention and work.

I sense, I know. We are in a period of transition. Not only us. I believe there is a birthing of a movement of God happening. It is in its beginning phase, but it is here. It is not full blown. It is the early, small tremors of the movement, but a shaking is in progress. God is speaking to many of his people. I have been sensing this for several years and am now getting a handle on it. We are transitioning. The ways of the past several decades are coming to an end. There is a fresh breath of God beginning to blow. We are about to discover the dynamic of the “Jesus Movement.” “The Way” that Saul was persecuting and “The Way” that Paul preached after the transition on the road to Damascus.


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