Supernatural Living – Pastor Bill Lewis

Welcome to 2015. What will it hold for you? These are all questions we have and the answers are held in the future. Circumstances can change rapidly and the best laid plans can be changed in a moment. Goals may be fulfilled or delayed. But we need to plan, to set goals, to expect good things.
So it is, that I face and we face the potentials of 2015. Goals, yes we have some. Plans, yes we have good ones and more to come. During our elders meeting this week, we were all of one mind for the future. The heart of each man is for the will of God to be done and for the Holy Spirit to have room and influence.
Even as a result of last Sunday’s message and prayer time, I was able to identify some of what God wants us to do in this coming year. We are a New Testament church and as such, we are responsible to be a people of the Word and the Spirit. We are going to focus on the things of the Spirit in ways that will re-kindle the fire of God in you and your gifts. We will be encouraging people to come into the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and learn what their gifting may be and help release the exercise of those gifts in daily life.
Starting with the seminar with Ralph Howe, Supernatural Living, we will begin this journey and once again be a resource for those who are seeking the presence of God and His abiding anointing. The Seminar is this month of the 23rd and 24th. We will begin registrations next Sunday. The cost is a minimal $15 to cover materials and the luncheon on Saturday.
Following the seminar, the elders have been lead to continue the Supernatural Living with monthly meetings to primarily focus on worship, testimony, laying on of hands for various anointings, the prophetic, and word teaching emphasizing the supernatural nature of our God and how to participate in His nature.
Our particular call and anointing has been to bring folks from all around into the things of the Spirit. Churches in our area are blessed because of people who were trained here, filled with the Spirit here, found their gifting here, and began their ministry here. We believe we are poised to serve the Lord in that capacity once again, spread our wings and soar again.
With that in mind, we must bury the negative and press for the high calling we have been given. It is time to speak life, speak positive, live life, and live supernaturally.

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