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Kirk DeVenney certainly has a way of inspiring and encouraging each believer. Like most of us, he has been through some very deep trials of his faith. He has faced them and lived through them and continues to serve the Lord. He has accomplished much in his missionary career. He has accumulated testimony after testimony of God’s faithfulness and power.

None of us are perfect. We are frail in many ways. If we were to weigh our deeds and thoughts against the purity of Jesus, we would be exposed as vile and corrupt. We would not need a “rap” sheet with the law, or the judgment of our peers. Outwardly we could look as righteous as any person who walked the earth, but against the life of Christ we would be polluted beyond redemption. 

However, we are created in the image of God but have utterly disfigured that image in ourselves. Amazingly we are still sought after and loved by the One who created us. While some stand with fist shaking at the sky at a God that they feel is unfair or distant; we bow with the acceptance of a grace unmerited. While some say that there is no God because they have not scientifically or logically proved his existence; we can only cry out the preponderance of evidence that surrounds us in the universe and worship Him.  

My failures, my frailties rise to constantly condemn me. My losses, rejections, loneliness are constantly before me. Yet, in the midst of these things there is the thought of obedience. I am here, in this place, in this condition as a result of the leading of the Lord. I am reminded to be comforted in the will of the Father. He said these things would happen and here they are. Trust becomes the battle of the mind. The spirit responds with a big “yes” and the mind responds with a big “What if?” The battle of faith and doubt war in the soul. Sometimes you wonder who will win. However, experience says “hold on,” he will come. I have had enough last minute experiences with God to know that he does come through.

History indicates that there are many, many testimonies of impending defeat when suddenly God shows up with a miracle. Something happens that changes the course of history. Sometimes it’s a wind storm that exposes land mines that were buried. Sometimes it is an army that stops for lunch. Sometimes it’s the sun going back in the sky. There are numerous miracles of provision, or life changing events. While the Israelites had their back to the Red Sea and an Egyptian army bearing down on them, God changed the course of history by shrouding the army in a dense fog while He was sending a wind so strong it parted waters and held them there long enough to move 3-6 million people to the other side on dry sea bottom.

Our situation is like a ripe fruit ready for God to pick. He has been working, He is working, and He will continue to work. He will use our frailties to bring about His glory. In our weakness, He is made strong. 

– Pastor Bill

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