The website is now up and running. The address is The name change will continue as we can accomplish things. When you visit the site, we have two drawings by Tim Beougher that could be used as a sign. I would like you to look and see what you think. Let me know.

Also, the book, “Becoming a Welcoming Church” by Thom Rainer is one that I want everyone to read or download to listen to. It is a short book with a BIG message. Thom Rainer has done church consulting for years and has worked at keeping current with trends in culture and church. This book is similar to the one I had the hospitality team read years ago called, “The Five Star Church.” However, this is shorter and to the point.

The reason I want everyone to read or listen to it is to create a common culture in our church that prepares us to receive new people, unchurched people, and post Christian people. We are facing new challenges to share the gospel, the Godspell, the good news. Once this book would have been given to the greeting and hospitality teams, but now it is imperative for all members to understand. This fits our vision of being a new covenant people, a people who will go, love, and serve.

An observation that I have thought about, but was articulated well, I would like to share with you. This church for years was a “destination” church. It was where people came from the region to receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit as it was a part of the Charismatic Movement. Then it became a “Destination” church for pageantry and was recognized far and wide for the arts. It was a “Destination” church for the prophetic as there was a prophetic movement nationally. All these were good in their time. They were following movements and trends as they flowed through spirit filled circles. That was the past.

In spite of all the good things, the community was never impacted. In spite of all the good things, people coming to Christ were few in comparison to the seekers of spiritual growth. Growth came as people were seeking or were coming out of various denominations. Long term, there was a severe lack of go, love, serve. The theme was more of come, seek, be blessed.

The culture that developed was more exclusive rather than inclusive. It had more elitism and less get dirty reaching others. It became rigid with rules and regulations rather than supple and loving to take people where they were and allow changes to come as the Holy Spirit led.

Times have dramatically changed. We are preparing ourselves to do better. Preparing to reach people through connecting with them through the love of Jesus Christ.

Pastor Bill

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