Peace on Earth


We just finished a very fruitful weekend with our Holy Spirit Encounter Weekend. Ralph did an excellent job of teaching, Duane’s contribution was really good, and I enjoyed sharing as well. There were many good questions and numerous comments that were helpful. We had several guests come to the conference. They each reported how it really helped them. They made comments too about how friendly and loving the church was. (That is really good to hear)

We are fully in the Christmas season. Everyone is busy, decorating, family events, cooking, baking etc. I hope you are not getting stressed out and will be able to enjoy the season with your loved ones. We certainly want to focus on the birth of Christ and all the redemption contained in that miracle. One of the declarations of the angels was “peace on earth, goodwill toward men.” It can be translated, “peace on earth toward men of goodwill.” 

In a time where peace seems so far away, it is important to know where that peace resides and where it comes from. The peace comes from knowing God, knowing Jesus, the one sent by God. It resides within our soul and spirit and not from some external calm in the world. In the face of trials and temptations, rumors of wars and wars, trouble and double trouble, the peace comes to the spirit and soul through the presence of the Holy Spirit. As I look around, if I were looking for peace, I would not find it in circumstances.  I can only find it in the presence of Jesus.

I choose to be positive. I choose to not return evil for evil. I choose to love, not hate. I choose to look to the positive and not live in the negative. I choose to look forward and not look backward. I choose to forgive, not condemn. I choose to speak well, not complain and whine. I choose to have faith for the future and not doubt God’s provision. Life is a series of choices. What you choose, sows the seeds for your harvest. 

The world does not understand the peace of God. Many Christians do not understand the peace of God. Often they are caught in the religious, the legalistic, the performance, the sad carnal responses to life. Caught, trapped. Finding and maintaining the peace of God is a test of endurance. Each trial tests our responses and feelings. Each trial causes the internal to rise up its carnal nature. Each trial then makes us run to God, run to the savior to find the peace that passes understanding. Peace was promised, was announced, was shouted by angelic choruses. The angels declared a new day because of the child to be born.

One day the Prince of Peace will come. One day the Prince will settle the accounts and bring justice and maintain the peace. One day we will do war no more. One day the lion will lie with the lamb. One day the saints of God will love one another like Jesus intended.

– Pastor Bill

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