Mesmerizing Love

Mesmerize, to view with exclusion of other things, or to focus solely with rapt attention. 

I was given this word prophetically the other day. I was asked what it meant and I pretty much defined it the way it is written above; though the above is from Webster’s dictionary. I asked what the context of this word meant in the insight given. The person said that there were people coming to the church that would have that focus for the things of the Lord.

If you have ever watched a couple who are dating and have become mesmerized by one another, you will note that they can be right in front of you and be oblivious to your presence. They are in a world of their own design and pleasure. Do not interrupt the dream. Or, watch a kid at play with a new toy, they are lost in their own world of imagination, enjoying every minute. Or, someone reading a good book is caught in the pathos of the story, oblivious to events in the room since they are transported to the world of the story.

In the context of the prophetic word, I believe we are going to have more people coming who are mesmerized with the cause of Jesus Christ. I believe we will see first things first again. There is a returning of first love. To me, first love is where we once again are impassioned with the love of Jesus. It expressed itself in the intensity of care and concern for our families, our friends, for the world as we meet it. It gets back to the reason I came to Jesus in the first place. 

I did not come to Jesus because I was righteous. I did not come from a place of perfection to judge others. I did not come with a priority to set other people straight. I came because I needed him. I knew I was lost, hopeless, and unworthy. There was no arrogance in my plea. I did not think Jesus was getting a bargain; that I would be great in his kingdom; that my talents were excellent and he could use me. No, I came out of desperation. I had no idea what he could do with me, maybe nothing.

First love comes out of appreciation. It comes from someone loving and caring for me. It starts with his unrequited love and then grows to be reciprocated as we see how we are loved. He first loves us. During that early phase we are completely, to use a current word, smitten. But we allow religion to kill us. We are surrounded sometimes by “do-gooders,” who tell us this rule and that rule and pretty soon we don’t love anymore. Jesus is shoved out of the picture by what we are doing to earn acceptance from those around us and supposedly from Jesus to. HEY, he loved you while you were still lost. What folly. No wonder Jesus warns in Revelation to return to our first love. What folly to start in grace and move to works and law. The new covenant is a revelation of his love. Let’s stay mesmerized.

I want to go back to simply being mesmerized by Jesus.

P. Bill

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