Celebrate His Birthday

Celebrate His Birthday


The birth of Jesus brought the beginning of one of the greatest changes to eternity that has ever happened in the history of the world. A set of events that are so obscure to the rest of the world that it would have gone unnoticed except for the apostles who recorded it. Yet, this string of events not covered by the media, or written by prominent historians, changed the world. Only, greatly after the fact, did people begin to understand the impact of a birth with eternity riding on its import.

Through the centuries volumes of books have been written expounding the miracle. Books written to explain how this birth fulfilled prophecies centuries old, one waiting for this moment. Books written to expound how the letter of the law was completed by this infant. Libraries are filled with the miracle and the wonder of a God-man, the Emmanuel. 

We call it Christmas. In the celebration we exchange gifts, families are reunited, friends care for one another, children are excited, and traditions are played out and memories are made for life. The world has caught on, enjoying the celebration and the gifts, but often missing any mention of the true reason for celebration.

Even we who believe often miss the point too. I think we can make it very solemn, rather than a celebration. If we focus on the scene, the manger scene, we think about the problem of birthing in a barn, the struggle of no room in the inn. Really, he was born and swaddled in a manger foretelling the preparation of the perfect lamb of God. Hallelujah!  Angels were singing, Hallelujah. Born in Bethlehem, fulfilling the prophecy of Micah and the House of David. Hallelujah! Born of a virgin fulfilling prophecy from Isaiah, Hallelujah!  Shepherds who knew the art of raising and preparing the lamb for sacrifice were awed and understood. Hallelujah!

The need for a perfect, pure, man was being fulfilled. The years to the cross were years of obedience and testing. He passed! The purity remained and he was the perfect sacrifice to cleanse the heavenly altar and throne from the corruption of Adam’s sin. We needed someone without the blood strain of Adam coursing through their veins. Here comes Jesus with pure, untainted, non-Adam blood, the God-Man. This virgin birth becomes one of the pillars of the faith. Without the virgin birth and the pure life of Jesus, we would still be lost in our sin and there would be no hope.

BUT…He was born of a virgin. His blood was completely pure. Death could not hold him. He made the altar clean again. He is the propitiation for our sin. He paid it all. He established a new covenant. He abolished the old covenant. He prepared and made a way for us to live forever in his presence.

Remember…this is really important. Celebrate the birth of Jesus!!

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