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HARD CHOICES Life has hard choices. We are not always prepared for them, in fact, we usually are not prepared. Significant events can take place so fast that we hardly have time to respond with well thought out plans. Sometimes we just react. Other times we have to ponder, weigh the facts, control our emotions, […]


LONGEVITY Longevity. This is how long you have done something, been faithful, held a job, a career, a relationship. It is measured in days and years. It is the accumulation of ups and downs, good days and bad, happy and sad, intense love and distant commitment. It has endured. It is seasoned with experiences, places, […]

Shocking Events of your Lifetime

SHOCKING EVENTS OF YOUR LIFETIME I am writing this article on 9/11. I have read and listened and viewed a number of articles reflecting on the events of that day. Nearly 3000 people lost their lives that day which started as a normal work day for those in the towers of the world trade center. […]

Raging Destruction

RAGING DESTRUCTION Hurricane Dorian has raged through the Atlantic, striking islands and devastating property and lives. While a number of lives were lost which is sad, tragic, there were thousands of lives uprooted, total loss of home and property, and a thankfulness for a life saved. Starting over is the only thing left. There will […]


PATIENCE I was awake most of the night (Tuesday night). As I have said before, I am constantly thinking of the church, worrying sometimes, thoughtful all the time. I have been praying, asking what to do, asking personal questions regarding ministry, asking…asking. During the night, while looking at the clock every half hour, wondering if […]


GROW We have lived in a Christian culture that has in the last several decades focused on the word, GROW. So, GROW became the goal, the focus. GROW was to be accomplished at any cost. There have been all kinds of gimmicks for GROW. Pastors have submitted themselves to outlandish schemes to entice people to […]


PLATFORM As I mentioned in the opening of last week’s message, Rod Parsley in his keynote address at the Stand Your Ground Conference, spoke of the difference between a stage and a platform. His comment was a stage is for a performance and a platform was to elevate the speaker or singers to be visible […]

Stand Your Ground

Cathy and I attended the “Stand Your Ground” conference in Bucyrus last Friday and Saturday. We were invited and cared for by Victory in Truth ministries. J.C. Church is the pastor and is active in statewide and national Christian issues and how they effect government. The list of speakers represented various areas of concern and […]

Moving in the Movement

Moving in the Movement We are in August already. School starts in August. Where did the days go? Camp is over, back to school shopping has started. The stores are packed with school supplies, moms and dads are ready to buy the new clothes and shoes that reflect the growth spurts of summer. The weather […]

Summer Lunch Program

Summer Lunches for Kids  This summer, we once again had the Summer Lunch Program in the Hitchman Park. This program is designed to give latch key kids a summer lunch. It coincides with the Library Reading program. Mothers and their children who are participating in the reading program come for the lunch and activities before […]