A Move of God? Yes, Please!

A Move of God? Yes, Please!


When your heart is set on something you begin to look for it, research it, start moving toward it. You begin to look at current conditions in your life and begin to lay out a plan to get to where you want to be. In the process you must learn the hindrances to that goal. These hindrances can be exterior, extrinsic, or on the inside, intrinsic. Most times both are in play. There are things that must be moved to reach a goal. Also, there are mindsets, habits, and attitudes that must change inside our soul. The obstacles, first, must be discovered and then addressed.

It always seems easier to identify the exterior hindrances. It is far more difficult to identify the interior ones. It is so easy to rationalize the interior attitudes, prejudices, and habits because we can say “that is the way I was raised,” or, “that is just who I am.” But, if we are reaching for life change and a goal that requires change, we must be willing to work at it and make the adjustments. The excuse, “I am too old…” really does not fly. Life requires the ongoing adjustments to age and culture. (that is, if you care enough to stay relevant)

I am not talking about wholesale sell out to contemporary cultural trends because many of them are very temporal and very wrong. I am talking about staying current to be relevant to the generations around us, older and younger.

So, our goal is to see a movement, an awakening. It is about souls around us who are completely lost to the meaning and purpose of life. There are a couple of things present in this thought and vision. One of them is the world that needs Jesus and our responsibility to reach out to them. Secondly, is the church we has to prepare itself for such a move and be a part of it. There have been movements by God that large segments of the church have completely missed because they were stuck.

As I have been reading, studying, and preparing for a move of God, I have been pleasantly surprised that we have a few things in place already. We have pieces of the puzzle in place already, but need to work further on other aspects to host a movement. The Hope I preached about is one of the foundations for a movement. It is the positive trust in God for all things future and we anticipate them coming and their fulfillment.

My plan and desire is to take one step at a time. To keep us focused on the future and the move we look for.  We have taken some baby steps in the right direction. We are reaching out to the community; it is responding some. We have broadened our leadership sources with the Leadership Council, and we are conscious of growing younger.

Good start.

– Pastor Bill

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