This week, Helen has finished her season as the church secretary. She has served well for fourteen years. There are many things she has done in the background to serve the church beyond secretarial duties. Those things will have to be picked up by others in a voluntary way. She has used her position to support Children’s ministry, decorating projects, various art projects as needed and a myriad of little things for others. So, we want to thank her for her dedicated service. 

As has been explained, the position will not be filled because the church is smaller and the need is not there. Computers, social media, and the change in the way people communicate has lessened many of the duties that a secretary would accomplish. However, the apostolic team has provided a very generous severance package to allow Helen and her family to make adjustments that will be required.

All that being said, thank you Helen for your years of service!


We received the approval from the Apple Review board and the app is active in the store. Go to the App Store and in the search section type in “The Connection.” You will need to scroll down through many different apps using the word “connection.” Look for our logo.   When you see it, you can click on “Get” and it will load onto your phone. The app still needs some editing for our use, but I will be doing that as I learn and work on it. There is a prayer page, the Bible is available, the giving link is there. We will work to design it for our specific use.

As we continue to move forward I am hoping that everyone is beginning to see and support the vision being developed. We are not the only church going through transitions and name changes to express a new vision. There are several churches in the area and in the state that I know of that are in the midst of transition. When I came here the Lord said there was serious foundational problems that needed corrected. I received prophetic words from people from various areas that spoke of the work to be done and the cost of following the Lord’s direction. The cost was counted, but it did shock me the depth and extent of the cost. However, obedience is better than sacrifice. Obedience to the Lord can be costly, but it is right. Being called of God is not a popularity contest. Many times obedience makes you unpopular. But the Lord said that this church would not survive without making the necessary changes. We are still moving in the right direction and there are still attitude changes that need to be made to continue to open the door for blessing. We may look like Gideon’s army, starting with many and fighting and winning with few, but we will win as the Lord fights the battle. When everyone sees the future and quits looking at the past, we will have crossed the threshold of victory. Even in Gideon’s army, there were friends who turned back, who did not go to war. If we base our service on friends, we will miss the call of obedience. 

P. Bill

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