Vacation Lessons

Cathy and I had a very important, restful, vacation. It was important because our physical beings were being regenerated with rest and emotional rest. We both had periods of not feeling well, but we have experienced that before when it came to vacation time and we had time to shut down. Our place was right on the ocean and we kept the patio door open most of the time to allow the sounds of the ocean to flow into our one bedroom unit. One night in particular, there was a storm and the waves were crashing and the wind was blowing. I got up and went and opened the patio door and laid on the couch and watched the sea roar. The colors of the water changed regularly from the light sea foam green to darker shades of green. The breeze kept wafting through the door sending the scent of salt air into the room.

On days when the sky was blue and the sun was shining brightly, the ocean had its deep blues and sometimes close to shore brown finishing waves. On these days I would walk the beach, spending time listening to an audible book that was ministering to me deep down inside. At times as topics were covered, they would reach so deep that tears would come as the Holy Spirit used them to minister life to me. Really fresh sense of directions was coming, renewing me. Likewise Cathy was spending time with the Lord and He was speaking to her.The transformation was so evident in our time of ministry in Columbus. I saw the Cathy that I knew 20 years ago when it came to ministry. I was so happy to see her return to her calling and anointing.

There were a number of things the Lord spoke to me. We, as a church, have a lot of good work ahead of us. There will be a need at several levels for everyone to participate in. The journey of becoming what the Lord wants of us. One thing for sure, we are not trying to resurrect the past and the way things were done then. The nostalgia of those days has to be laid aside as a good history, but not current or necessarily relevant to today. However, there are key elements that God has and we need to discover how they are to be applied today. It is now a matter of re-inventing ourselves; it is learning what God wants us to be and do today. Many of us our older and do not like change, but change we must. You change all the time and may not know it. You are constantly adapting to changes in life, health, location, etc.

I am pleasantly encouraged and excited with what the Lord wants to do here in this next phase of the journey. Through the next months and maybe years we are going to find ourselves in the will of the Lord. We are going to be seekers, pursuers of the will of God. We are going to discover the joy of our salvation like we have not experienced in a while.

We must learn to enjoy the journey. We must focus on the positive things God wants and forsake the old ways of always complaining about what is missing, the things that are not quite the way we want them. If you are busy serving and engaged in building, you will cease being the critic. And, it is not the pastor’s fault that things are not always correct or good. It is the responsibility of everyone to connect and carrying the load. It is easy to sit at home watching a game and be the yelling, complaining, arm chair coach. They judge, but they are not in the battle, the trenches. They are not there watching the replay at the moment. It is the heat of the moment and everyone is in it, committed. When you are in it, you support one another, encourage one another, you do not complain and break the sense of unity, camaraderie, the team. -P. Bill