What on Earth was Jesus Doing?

Often we are in the throes of the daily existence of being a Christian. WE are busy watching our attitudes, our temperament, our interactions with people, reading the Bible, striving for spiritual disciplines that will make us more Christian. We soon become victims of our own efforts. Slowly we are squeezed into works again. Ever so slowly, creeping into our lives comes all the performance based, feel good about myself, or feel bad about myself, based all my performance. It is really easy to do. No fault thrown at you from here. It is even more a susceptibility when in ministry because people have such high expectations of you.

The problem with all that strenuous trying is that it produces death eventually. It leads you so far away from the values of Jesus that you need binoculars to find it again. Jesus was doing the will of the Father. There was no parade of holiness, not special dress to show piety. There was no pomp and circumstance or long prayers to show his relationship with God was special. The will of the Father was that everyone believe in Him for eternal life. He did not self proclaim with ad campaigns, Facebook, Heaven written messages in the clouds (by the way, it would have be cool, skywriter deluxe). He actually never promoted himself, but never denied who he was when the revelation came to people.

All the time on earth he was declaring the Kingdom of Heaven of which he is the king. He was deeply concerned for the eternal life of each person. So, his ministry could take the time to stop and address the one. The one tax collector in a tree, the one who touched his garment, the one who responded that he was the Christ. He could and did take time for the unimportant, the children, the tax collector, the prostitute, the lepers, the outcast of society.

What on earth was he doing? He was doing the will of the Father which was pretty direct and simple. Make sure they know the  way to eternal life! The way is Jesus, behold the Son!

-Pastor Bill