The Passion and Victory


This is Easter, Resurrection Day, 2016. It is a day to celebrate the most significant event in the history of mankind. It surpasses any great human event in history. No army has marched, a president lead, a victory won, a discovery made, or an invention introduced that has so changed the course of humanity for eternity.

While many hope that there is nothing more than this short journey across the face of the earth, the human soul knows differently. It is not a taught or learned response, it is set in the soul of man by the creator. Education and philosophy may try to rob the soul of its spiritual DNA, but it still is there. That first breath of God that made man a living soul has been in the heart of man ever since. It is not a discovery that the soul makes, but it is the response of that which lies within, seeking its creator and the touch of the divine once again.

The resurrection of Jesus from the dead confirms what lies within us, that craving for eternity, life forevermore. His victory over death and the grave resonates in our heart. It touches something very deep in each of us. The resonance is hope, confirmation, and a direction home.

This week is called Passion Week. It is the high season for Christianity. No matter what the denomination, Passion Week forms the backbone of our faith. You cannot depart from these significant events and be a Christian.

I was born again on Good Friday 1956. Each time I walk through this season I am touched deeply. Watching the Passion as presented by Tyler Perry in New Orleans and in a very modern setting, I could not hold back the tears. Something very deep inside responds to the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus. As I watched with Cathy, the folks in the crowd had tears rolling down their cheeks. Even the singer/actor who played the part of Jesus was moved to tears in his portrayal of the Christ. I watched Mel Gibson’s movie The Passion of the Christ once. I do not believe I could watch it again, my heart hurt too much to watch it again. Even though it was a moving portrayal of the events, the Passion (suffering) was too hard on my emotions and heart.

The Passion however changed the world and now death, where is your sting and grave, where is your victory. When Jesus arose from the grave, He overcame sin and death and brought us the victory and He lives to reign forevermore!

In High Hope,

Pastor Bill