The Kindness of God -Bill Lewis, Lead Pastor

The kindness of God is given to us on a daily basis. He provides all the necessary components of life. You breathe, there is oxygen in the proper blend. Your heart beats, there is the piezo electric start for every pump of the heart. You eat, food is digested and turned into energy and nutrients for the sustaining of life. You see, the eyes are taking light and by the miracle of God, the light is inverted and registered as an image. All around us are the daily miracles of life. If only one breaks down, life is unsustainable.

The Kindness of God is given to us in spiritual matters as well. We, the complex beings that he has created, are fallen by nature. Fallen, meaning we are broken beyond repair when it comes to the ability to live eternally in the presence and with a pure, holy, perfect God. Our brokenness is so familiar to us that most humans believe they are all right and that eternity is a matter of playing a weights and measures game. If we can tip the balance in the favor of good works, then we are supposedly owed a heavenly pass. Yet, even if we were able to tip the scales in the right direction, it still does not make one perfect, pure, holy. His kindness is that he will bring us to himself by his kindness as we acknowledge the impure, unholy, imperfect beings that we are.

His kindness has some requisites. HIs kindness leads us to understanding. It leads us to the self revelation of our poverty and inability to earn anything from Him. The best action of my heart is to give up. Quit trying. Admit defeat. I cannot do it. When that revelation comes, then we are in a position to repent, throw ourselves on his mercy, acknowledge the wonderful gift of Jesus and then live like we just found the most wonderful gift ever received. We did!

What wonderful kindness that is extended. Rather than the constant wrathful God, we really have a God who is very kind, longsuffering, forbearing, patient. He wants us to come to him in full surrender and enjoy his kindness forever.

P. Bill Lewis