Get Life… Give Life – Pastor Bill Lewis

It has been some time since I have written an article. Since we discontinued the newsletter due to cost effectiveness, I have not had the impetus to write. Since the last article the world has continued its change in dramatic and disconcerting ways. We have been assailed by the proliferation of the sexual revolution, the continued and intensifying war on terrorism (or maybe the lack of all out effort), and the continued racial divides.

Really, these are age old issues that continue to plague mankind. Racial and ethnic wars play out on every continent. Africa has had the tribal wars for centuries and that has contributed to our current struggle because of tribe selling tribe into slavery. Slavery continues to this day in the form of human trafficking. Globally this is a plague against millions of boys, girls, and women. Terrorism has been a tool of low grade war. It is difficult to fight because of the random nature of it. Brainwashing youth to terminate themselves in some kind of misguided passion and display has always been the mode of older ideologues who burn the lives of others to promote their agendas.

Yet, these are issues that each generation faces in some form or other. The Nazis enslaved people, tortured them, and exterminated them. Stalin’s Communist regime murdered more than the Nazis. Today these same issues continue in many nations. Africa is rife with rapes, murder, wars and disease; numerous Asian nations continue to use their people as nothing more than expendable pawns. The first century world was just as corrupt and dangerous as the present one. Humans can be cruel to one another. It is a result of the sin that corrupts and darkens every heart that has not had encounter with God.

The shock that we feel is real. The progress made through Christian principles is being eroded daily. But the shock is not meant to paralyze with hopelessness or defeat. The power of God through Jesus is still at work. He has not left His throne, or has he lost any power. He is still determinately moving toward His goals, purposes, and will. This is a time to speak, act, live. Live. because there is a God who has saved us from this corrupt world. Live, because one day He will rule in righteousness and justice and we with Him.

This is a time to Get Life…Give Life!