The Heart of the Fathers – Pastor Bill Lewis

Overwhelmed by gender wars. Our culture has an agenda that has been destroying families and demeaning men. Advertising on TV usually makes the husband the brunt of the jokes since he is cast as a bumbling idiot who knows nothing. The wife or the children are cast as intelligent and just barely tolerating the father or husband. Sitcoms make the men stupid, out of touch, and inept. Children are cast as mouthy, disrespectful, and establishing their own culture and life apart from family.

On the other hand, we have movies that are violent and cast men as heartless murderers, drug dealers, gang members, tough guys. The question becomes, “where is the man that is revealed in the Bible? Where is the father who protects, provides, nurtures his children and loves his wife?” We have images of the stupid and we have images of the macho who considers women as sex objects.

Godly role models are hard to find in the depiction of men given in the TV media and the Hollywood film industry. Now those industries have added deeply to the confusion by the portrayal and promotion by gender confusion.

Our world needs a revival of men who care for their families. We need men who are interested in loving their wives and leading their children. We need men who are strong, intelligent, caring, and protective of their families. Men are going to have to overcome the images that are promoted and take their rightful, God-given duties.

The Bible calls for fathers to train, lead, care, empower their children. It calls them not to provoke their children to wrath. It calls men to love their wives and honor their place in God’s plan. It charges children to obey their parents. It calls them to honor their mother and father. God’s plan is for men to be life long mentors of their children, not just the conceivers of babies.

This month when we celebrate Fathers’ Day, it would be important for every man to re-visit his duty and love of his family.