Serve Simple, Love Deeply

Our Strategic Vision is to continue to involve ourselves deeply in the command of Jesus to go and disciple. While things cannot happen overnight, there can be steps taken regularly toward those goals. First there has to be a vision, which we have. Secondly, there has to be creative ideas toward that vision, we are working on those items and need the input of creative people. With a pool of ideas, there can be choices made that will best accomplish steps toward our vision. Thirdly, there have to be people who are committed to participating in the vision and the events that are chosen to be implemented. It is our vision to have everyone participate sometime and somewhere. Knowing each persons preferences differ, there will be opportunities to get out there and do something to serve.

Likewise, there are the internal fellowship and grow opportunities that need to be there. Freedom Groups have been especially wonderful and life changing. The Connect Youth are taking off and connecting well. Also, small groups are in the process of revamping and re-starting with fresh vision and purpose.

Where can you connect? Everyone can bring a food item that is needed for the community connect. That would be a start. Some of you could volunteer an hour or two a month to help stock some shelves at the food pantry; especially when we take our items at the end of the month.

You can connect with a small group when we launch them again.

You can connect in the future with the projects that will be coming along. Some of them will be one time events; others will need continual help and investment. We monthly give $75 to the Butler Nutrition Center which is now feeding 80 people in the Meals on Wheels program. We also give $75 a month to the Bellville Neighborhood Outreach Center. We invest $150 a month in helping feed the needs of the Clear Fork Valley. One problem, there are no faces on those checks. We want faces and hearts to touch the area.

While we have given thousands to the “uttermost parts of the world,” we have not done too well in our “Jerusalem and Judea.”

Our Strategic Vision is to touch our Jerusalem and Judea, Butler and Bellville and the surrounding communities.

It is not good enough to say be warmed and fed and bless you. It has to be backed up with real clothing and food. We recently helped a family save their home from foreclosure. The man had serious health problems that put them behind. We contributed to their recovery, knowing that once they were caught up, they could maintain.

There are projects and events coming. Please take this to heart and plan on investing your time sometime and somewhere in this Strategic Vision. Serve Simply, Love Deeply.IMG_2549

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