Seed Faith

Seed Faith

In all my years here and in other churches, I have not spoken on finances hardly ever. In fact, I cannot remember that last time.

Giving is one of the basic principles of serving. It is a spiritual principle that has effect for the soul and your personal finances. Templeton, of the Templeton fund, was speaking at a convention and told the crowd that the secret to his success was tithing. A multi-millionaire was saying the basic secret to his success was giving. Another man of world fame was J.D. Rockefeller who was not known as a Christian, tithed because of the rich return for giving. Some people think that you can be too rich too rich to tithe, but it is usually the ones who have little that do not give because they think they have too little.

Jesus exhorted the rich young ruler to give it all away and follow. He did not and Jesus said he was hard for the rich to enter into the kingdom of God. In another place, he spoke of the woman who gave a small amount, but it was all she had, and he commended her faith. Giving is a matter of faith. It demonstrates your faith in God’s ability to provide.

Oral Roberts wrote a really good book years ago called “Seed Faith.” I was given the book by a dear saint just after we were baptized in the Holy Spirit. I read the book and caught the principle of giving. It was a principle for planting for the future. It was not about cars, houses, wealth, and a prosperity gospel; it was about having faith in God to return a harvest, to bless in whatever way he chose. I really saw it as honoring God. I was not twisting God’s arm for anything. I was placing myself in a place where he could take care of me. I was investing in his kingdom.

Sometimes the word tithe sets people off. They do not want to give 10%. Maybe they cannot give 10% in the financial condition they are in at the moment. But the idea is to plant seed. Plant what you can and plant faithfully on a regular basis. You will never have a harvest of anything if you do not plant. You cannot be looking in the garden for tomatoes if you do not plant them.

We have some new believers, new members who will grow into strong servants in the kingdom. Each is encouraged to start somewhere to plant seed for God’s garden and watch what he can do with a little. 5 loaves fed 5000 men. Planting the seed puts you in miracle territory.

I would encourage you to get a copy of Oral Robert’s book to build your faith. Jesus when questioned by the pharisees about tithing told them they missed the weightier matters of mercy and compassion, but he said you ought to tithe. Cathy and I learned long ago that we had to start small and grow in our giving. We have had amazing miracles of provision. He has been faithful to us and we have tried to be faithful to Him in our finances.

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