FASTING – Bill Lewis, Lead Pastor

Here is a topic that causes us pause. We do this every day actually, that is why the first meal of the day is call Break-Fast. We go without food for about 8-12 hours a day, but it is mitigated by sleep.

However, the real fasting we are talking about is the “I am awake and hungry..” kind. It means depriving ourselves of things that we normally do, eat, and enjoy. We go without food and listen to our stomach complain for a day or two. We cut out the sweets that we are addicted to. Sugar has a hold of most people. Or some choose to fast their connection or addiction to activities, like surfing the web, watching marathon TV, or FaceBook, or some form of social media. We probably are shocked by the amount of time we suddenly have available to us. We may even look around and wonder, “What am I going to do?”

Well, fasting is supposed to do that to you. It suddenly takes all the routine out of your life. It causes reflection, meditation, questioning. The body is going through a detox and so is your mind and soul. We are pretty well corrupted by daily living. We are not intentionally bad, but lifestyle does creep in from the affairs of daily life that corrupt our body and soul. Fasting is a real good wake up call.

We have entered a 21 day fast as a church. We have great expectations. There has even been an anticipation leading up to the fast. Today, as I write, is day 1. Day one through three are usually the toughest to get through. Your body usually screams, “What are you doing to me?” But the spirit begins to say, “Thank you, I have been needing this time.”

I am so pleased, we have had nearly 100% participation committed by our church. The kids have even committed to fasting. Proud of them. The kinds of fasts range from total fasts for a day or two at a time to Daniel fasts to one meal a day to media fasts. Everyone is participating and there is a joy in the church.

I want to encourage everyone that this is something pleasing to God and we are not alone in this time. There are churches all over the world that I know of that are doing the same at this moment. There is a God move afoot.

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