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Stand Your Ground

Cathy and I attended the “Stand Your Ground” conference in Bucyrus last Friday and Saturday. We were invited and cared for by Victory in Truth ministries. J.C. Church is the pastor and is active in statewide and national Christian issues and how they effect government. The list of speakers represented various areas of concern and […]

Moving in the Movement

Moving in the Movement We are in August already. School starts in August. Where did the days go? Camp is over, back to school shopping has started. The stores are packed with school supplies, moms and dads are ready to buy the new clothes and shoes that reflect the growth spurts of summer. The weather […]

Summer Lunch Program

Summer Lunches for Kids  This summer, we once again had the Summer Lunch Program in the Hitchman Park. This program is designed to give latch key kids a summer lunch. It coincides with the Library Reading program. Mothers and their children who are participating in the reading program come for the lunch and activities before […]


Seriously Sometimes we feel like we are walking in the dark, totally unfamiliar with our surroundings. We hope we are walking in faith, but the darkness obscures any clues, markers, or clear vision. We are being guided by something internal, deep inside, hopefully we trust the leading is from the Holy Spirit and that voice […]

A Breath of Hope

A Breath of Hope I was talking on the phone with one of my friends from France this week. He travels a lot in ministry, speaking in France, Switzerland, and Israel on a regular basis. He mentioned that he had just come back from Switzerland and noted a change that was hopeful. He said that […]

Seed Faith

Seed Faith In all my years here and in other churches, I have not spoken on finances hardly ever. In fact, I cannot remember that last time. Giving is one of the basic principles of serving. It is a spiritual principle that has effect for the soul and your personal finances. Templeton, of the Templeton […]

Looking Still

Looking Still Good news, the church’s name has been officially changed and recognized by the Secretary of State of Ohio. There were several businesses and churches that were using the name, Connection, is some form. I had applied twice with our name and twice were told that others had too similar a name. We could […]


Father Fathers. What do you say? First, there is the Father in heaven. The creator of all life. The one we pray to. The one we fear. The one we love. The one we count on for protection, guidance, support, approval. The one we count on for eternal care and shelter. In this one being […]

You Encourage Me

You Encouraged ME Last Sunday was one of the most encouraging Sundays I have experienced in a long time. Not, that we have not had great Sundays, but for me the response to the message was deeply heartening. As I went through all the areas that we need volunteers to plug in and serve, I […]


Thanks This week, Helen has finished her season as the church secretary. She has served well for fourteen years. There are many things she has done in the background to serve the church beyond secretarial duties. Those things will have to be picked up by others in a voluntary way. She has used her position […]