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Grief If you have lived long enough, you have had a death in your family. The grief is intensified by the closeness of the relationship. The closer the tie, the stronger the grief and the deeper the loss. I have watched people process their grief in many ways. Some never quite process it at all. […]

The Resurrection

Resurrection Day Resurrection Day! This is the moment that changed everything. Lazarus was raised from the dead, but would die later of old age. The widow of Nain’s son was raised, but would pass later. BUT Jesus, NO. This man would never die again. In fact, he is still alive. This sets him apart from […]

The Passion

The Passion I went to see Mel Gibson’s movie, The Passion of the Christ. I sat in the theatre ready for a Hollywood portrayal, one that would satisfy the masses who would see it. Expecting something that would tell the story once again, the story we so often hear from the pulpit, the Sunday school […]

The Reality

In all the themes of change and reaching this generation, it is easy to get focused on all the necessary means of reaching younger people. This is very good in many respects. Each iteration of life has to find its identity. Each generation growing older has to make adjustments to stay current and not just […]

How Great a Love

How Great a Love Love…that word that tries to describe one of the deepest needs that humans have. Love is rooted in the very fiber of life. We look for it, we long for it, we go to great lengths to experience it. It is so basic to life that babies fresh from the womb […]


Preparing…#2  I want to follow up on last week’s article.  There have been many “Destination” churches. They exist everywhere. They usually are fairly new offering some fresh perspective. Usually they are composed of younger people as they are searching for something dynamic rather than same old, same old. The current destination churches have modern technologies, […]


Preparing… The website is now up and running. The address is theconnectionbutler.com. The name change will continue as we can accomplish things. When you visit the site, we have two drawings by Tim Beougher that could be used as a sign. I would like you to look and see what you think. Let me know. […]

Hungry Within..

Hungry Within… Here we are in March. It is coming in like a cold lion and I hope ends with a warm lamb. The vagaries of weather have certainly effected our ability to have regular services. We have had to cancel a Sunday and a couple of Wednesdays. Even when we have had church, attendance […]


GO LOVE… Planning for Serve the Valley 2019 has begun. The team had its first meeting this past Tuesday. The participation level is increasing this year. It is so good to have all three churches working together for the good of the community. With our GO-LOVE-SERVE vision and theme, it causes us to focus on […]


Godspell Good news, Godspell, Glad Tidings, these are all translations of the Greek word used to describe the four books of the New Testament. This word had some special meaning to those who heard it. They did not read it. If anything, it was read to them. And it was not in the form of […]